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Slay Your Breastfeeding Journey with

The Sh!t I Wish Someone Told Me about Breastfeeding Course

The ONLY Breastfeeding Course YOU NEED

Curated by an Ob/Gyn and Breastfeeding Medicine Specialist & Mom of 3


Learn What You Need to Know Before Baby Arrives

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Prepare for your breastfeeding journey with The Sh!t I Wish Someone Told Me about Breastfeeding Course. This video module course has been curated by an Ob/Gyn, IBCLC, and Breastfeeding Medicine Specialist, and includes only evidence-based, high-yield information you need to know to set yourself up for success. It's self-paced, so you can go at your own speed. With this course, you can start your breastfeeding journey with the confidence you need for success.

Set Your Expectations and Get the Skills You Need

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The Sh!t I Wish Someone Told Me about Breastfeeding Course will help you set your expectations and get the skills you need to start your breastfeeding journey off right. From hand expression to latch to engorgement to troubleshooting common maternal and infant problems, this course is designed to prepare you for the challenges you may face, so you don't have to resort to googling in the middle of the night or relying on bad advice from Facebook Mom Groups. With this course, you can feel confident and prepared to tackle your breastfeeding journey with ease.


Unlimited Access After Baby is Born

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Once you've completed The Sh!t I Wish Someone Told Me about Breastfeeding Course, you'll have unlimited access to all of its content, including a comprehensive 250-page PDF eBook. So even after baby is born and your journey begins, you can always refer back to the lessons and materials in the course to get the support and information you need. With this course, you'll never have to worry about feeling left in the dark when it comes to breastfeeding.

I got you!


What You'll Get

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Feel Empowered

Feel empowered and be well-prepared before your breastfeeding journey starts with this physician-curated course.


Learn Skills

Learn the important skills and knowledge needed to actually look forward to your breastfeeding pre delivery.


Expertly Curated

Curated by an Ob/Gyn and IBCLC, aided by personal experience as a breastfeeding mom of three.


Feel Confident

Feel confident after taking this course - and get ready to “Rock it like the badass mama that you already are!”

What the Course Covers

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MODULE 1: The Basics

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Anatomy and Physiology
Understanding Supply and Demand
Understanding Breast Storage Capacity

MODULE 2: Pregnancy Planning & Prep

Pregnancy Planning

Hand Expression Basics
Hand Expression Technique

MODULE 3: Understanding Latch & Positioning

Breastfeeding Positions

Tips for a Pain-free deep latch

MODULE 4: The Immediate Postparum Period

The Golden Hour Optimizing Breastfeeding Success

Tips for Successful Breastfeeding in the First Few Days
Dealing with Engorgement in the First Week Postpartum

MODULE 5: The Basics of Newborn Feeding

Understanding Newborn Feeding Expectations

Feeding on Demand and Understanding Hunger Cues
How to Know if Your Baby is Getting Enough Milk
How to Supplement Breastfeeding: Options and Indications
Understanding Cluster Feeding, Triple Feeding, and Length of Feeds

MODULE 6: Maternal Troubleshooting

Pain with Breastfeeding

Low Milk Supply
Understanding Hyperlactation
Understanding Mastitis
Managing Plugged Ducts

MODULE 7: Infant Troubleshooting

Understanding Infant Jaundice

The NICU Infant
The Sleepy Infant
The Fussy Infant
Tongue Ties
Infant Thrush

MODULE 8: Bonus Video FAQ

#1 When do I start Pumping and do I need a Freezer Stash?

#2 How and when to introduce a bottle?
#3 Can I have caffeine while breastfeeding?
#4 Can lactating women drink alcohol?
#5 What Medications are safe during breastfeeding?
#6 Are their certain foods I need to avoid while breastfeeding?
#7 When can I exercise and will it effect my milk supply?


Meet your Instructor

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Stephanie Sublett

Board Certified Ob/Gyn, Breastfeeding Medicine Specialist & Breastfeeding Mom of 3

Passionate about educating and empowering pregnant and postpartum mamas who have a desire to breastfeed so they have the knowledge, confidence & support to SLAY their breastfeeding journey!


The Course Includes

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Online Video Modules: Engage at your own pace and access valuable information that can be revisited whenever needed.

Comprehensive Breastfeeding Course Guide (eBook): Perfect for visual learners, containing 250 pages of detailed content and slides to enhance understanding.
Resource PDF: Access a curated list of trusted lactation resources for convenient reference and further exploration.
Breastfeeding & Pumping Log: Keep track of your breastfeeding and pumping journey with ease and accuracy.
Recommended Breastfeeding & Pumping Products: Discover the best tools and equipment recommended by experts for successful breastfeeding and pumping.
Additional Resources: Includes Milk Supply Guide eBook and explore organized websites and links for further evidence-based learning, ensuring continuous knowledge enhancement.

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